The project targets the research and development focused on new two dimensional systems, the atomically thin layers of semiconducting transitions metal dichalcogenides (S-TMDs: MoS₂, MoSe₂, MoTe₂, WSe₂, WS₂). The objectives of the project are to:

  1. elucidate the unconventional properties of excitons and many excitons systems in mono- and multi-layered S-TMDs and their heterostructures
  2. quantify the effect of doping on the optical response of sc-TMD monolayers and determine the yet unknown band structure parameters of their conduction and valence bands
  3. study the optical orientation phenomena in S-TMD structures, aiming to enhance the polarization memory under new experimental conditions and in yet unexplored systems
  4. implement the technological processes (on the laboratory scale) to fabricate the high quality and advanced structures of atomically thin S-TMDS and design and test the devices such as, light emitting diodes or photovoltaic photodiodes

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