Dr. Marek Potemski

Project leader

Prof. Piotr Kossacki

Project co-leader

dr. Łukasz Zinkiewicz

Sample preparation and characterization

Kacper Oreszczuk

PHd student

Single photon emitters in S-TMDs; efficient extraction of photons, resonant and polarization resolved optics, defects in hBN, photon correlation and time resolved techniques.

Aleksander Rodek

PHd student

Mateusz Raczyński

MSc student

Paweł Sojewski

MSc student

Wiktor Kraśnicki

MSc student

Former team members

Aleksandra Łopion

PHd student

With external financing

Dr. Tomasz Kazimierczuk

research associate

Dynamics of optical excitations; direct and indirect bandgap systems; dark excitons, many body effects, time-resolved spectroscopy including pump probe techniques

Magdalena Grzeszczyk

PhD student

Neutral and charged excitons in sc-TMDs; different dielectric environments, effects of doping, Zeeman effects, emission and Raman scattering spectroscopy.

Aleksander Bogucki

PhD student

Optical response in the presence of free carriers, band structure parameters, combined optical and microwaves techniques

Dr. Karol Nogajewski

Dr. Tomasz Smoleński

Dr. Maciej Koperski

With external financing

Lukasz Bala

MSc student

Impurities in S-TMDs; intentionally doped structures; ternary alloys, impurity-related recombination channels; fabrication of structures and optical characterization.


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