open lecture of prof. Jacek Kasprzak – Friday, 4 March, 15:00

On Friday, March 4, 15:00 prof Jacek Kasprzak from Institute Néel in Grenoble will give open lecture entitled “Controlled coherent coupling in a quantum dot molecules embedded in a photonic structure”.

During the lecture, he will introduce a concept of heterodyne four-wave mixing spectroscopy, including two-dimensional four-wave mixing spectroscopy. Using these tools, he will show that in a quantum dot molecule device, coherent coupling can occur between neutral and charged excitons and is mediated via tunnelling of a hole between both quantum dots separated by 10nm, forming a molecule. This functionality is enabled via applying a bias voltage, regulating a number of free carriers, setting the Fermi level and thus the effective electronic potential across the heterostructure. Demonstration of the controlled coherent coupling is important in the context of future implementation of quantum technologies.

The lecture is given in the framework of mentoring visit under the Action I.1.1/IV.1.1 “Mentoring Programme” within “Excellence Initiative – Research University” at the invitation of the LUMS team of the Solid State Division of the Faculty of Physics.

The talk will be given in online form by Zoom platform.

Temat: Wyklad otwarty “Controlled coherent coupling in a quantum dot molecules embedded in a photonic structure”
Czas: 4 mar 2022 03:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rzym, Sztokholm, Wiedeń

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